News 10/21/19

As we are remaking our web site, the old pages are now offline and cannot be reached anymore. Please bear with us until the new site goes online. In the meanwhile, you can contact as at or give us a call at +390522920496. It will take us about 30 days to have a fully functional, new web presence. In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience!

Our company and customers

Our company was founded in 1998  and over the years we've been working with leading companies such as Giochi Preziosi SpA, Landi Renzo SpA, IK Multimedia, Hornby Hobbies PLC, IP2 Entertainment. We specialize in embedded control systems, and we can do some mechanical design to match our electronics. We employ eight peolple, a highly motivated and skilled team.

We are also the company behind iconic model racing cars also known by the brand names and Policar, the Policar racing track system, and the 2.4 GHz wireless oXigen racing system. All these products have been designed by us. We have more than 20 years of experience working with Far East suppliers.he two founders, Maurizio Ferrari and Maurizio Gibertoni, are Electrical Engineers.

Feel free to contact us, if you think our expertise can help your company, by email or phone - follow the 'contacts' links for complete details. We speak fluent English and Spanish spoken, decent French, some German as well as, of course, Italian.


Maurizio Ferrari graduated in Bologna in spring 1990 with a dissertation on "software assisted automatic calculations of design parameters of a radial engine", under the mentoring of Franco Rocchi (former Ferrari lead designer). His interest in software pushed him to write code on a vast array of computers ranging from the Cray X-MP 48 to the early Microchip PIC. He joined Magneti Marelli in 1993 and later Ferrari F1 where he held a position as designer of the Engine Control unit firmware, porting in first person most of the V12 F1 engine to the V10 in the ‘90s, and was also responsible for the deployment of software versioning system. He wrote two articles published by Circuit Cellar. Speaks fluent English and Spanish, decent French and some German. He's often travelling to the Far East for manufacturing reasons.

Maurizio Gibertoni graduated cum laude in Bologna in 1986 with a dissertation on circuit simulation. He held positions in academic research institutes (in Trento and Bologna), presenting papers on digital circuits at important international conferences (ESSCIRC 1991). He later joined the private industrial sector where he held a position as chief designer for industrial sensors at a leading industry who later hired him as consultant. Within Galileo he deals mostly with hardware design and production of Galileo's own products.